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will really be life changing for the globe. >> a famous voice with an untold story he hopes will change the globe. in new york, ashley, fox news. >> and that does it for the 10:00. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. the eyes of the world are on libya tonight waiting to see what's next after the u.s. and british forces fire on moammar gadhafi's regime. libyan state television is reporting 48 fatalities in the missile assault and claims most of the victims are children, but that has not been confirmed by u.s. sources. of course gadhafi is vowing to fight back. the u.s. is leading a coalition of some 20 nations in what's being called operation odyssey dawn. welcome to the news edge, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maurine. the strikes are clearing the way for european and other
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planes. craig, what can you tell us? >> will and maurine, three u.s. and navy destroyers along with british vessels fired more than 110tomahawk missiles. >> today i authorized the armed force of the united states to begin a limited military action in libya. >> speaking to reporters while on an overseas trip, president obama announced a joint military effort has begunfiring on key targets inside libya. the move comes after top world leaders met in paris to decide on a course of action against moammar gadhafi's continued aggression against rebel forces. >> this is a broad international effort. the world will not sit idolly by why more innocent civilians are killed. >> saturday's military effort was supported by france, britain, canada, and italy. >> gadhafi has made this
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happen. he has lied to the international community. he has promised a cease fire. he has broken that cease fire. >> the coalition is the broadest international military effort since iraq and also includes several unnamed arab allies. today we are intervening in libya under a mandate from the u.n. security council alongside our partners, in particular, our arab partners. while the u.s. is taking the lead for now, the pentagon says u.s. will taking on more of a support role over the next few days. >> they allow us to penetrate a height what we would call a medium to high threat without putting their crew at risk. >> the pentagon says that's the second phase of the operation. air flights patrolling the no fly zone over tripoli. maurine. >> it seems the obama administration is trying to look supportive in this effort as opposed to another u.s. led war. is that the sense you're getting? >> that's exactly what they're
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doing. don't make any mistake about it. the u.s. is firmly in control. they have unique capabilities, but they will be taking a secondary role soon. they are being careful about appearing to lead an invasion of an arab country and tonight, we've had confirmation that british jets have also launched air strikes in libya, too. so those british jets will be part of that no fly zone as well. >> any indication that gadhafi will give up? this is a guy that has been in power for many, many years and has actually withstood a will the of attacks. any indication he is going to give up this time around? >> no. continuing the defiant rhetoric tonight in a phone call and audiotape fighting back this aggression and he would open up weapons to all the libyan citizens. >> thank you for that update. will. new details tonight about the murder inside the lumulemon clothing store in downtown bethesda. the young woman once believed to be a victim is now behind
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bars. police say when they pressed brittany norwood, she changed h they told norwood witnesses heard a loud argument at the store last week and norwood claimed her coworker, jayna murray started the fight. they are angry as well. >> to realize the terror that it put this community in, this lie and fabricated story, we were out looking for the wrong people and people's time and energy and the fear that everybody had. >> norwood claims she was sexually assaulted, but according to the charging documents, doctors found no evidence of that. norwood was found lying on the bathroom floor. detectives said he appeared to have been posed in that position. former secretary of state, warren christopher has died. the clinton cabinet member was known for the work he did to bring peace to bos anynia. spokesperson for the california law firm where he worked said
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he died at his home friday night from kidney and bladder cancer. christopher was 85 years old. it's 11 feet high, extremely heavy, and bronze. yet someone managed to steal it from sacred ground. that's just one of the monuments from rockcreek cemetery last weekend. more than gravestones, cemetery officials consider them works of art. a few weeks ago crooks tried to strip the bronze, but they failed. officials think they came back and targeted the expensive monuments. >> the families who are buried here, this feels like a violation to them. it's a violation to our parish family and a violation to our northwest community. it's totally wrong. >> father douglas greenway tells us he is concerned the monuments will be destroyed and the bronze sold for profit. >> also new tonight, detectives in montgomery county are investigating what they call a suspicious death. police were called out last
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night and found 81-year-old nazir dead in his home. detectives believe there was evidence of foul play. the medical examiner's office will make a determination on how he died. prince william county police are looking for someone who broke into a bristol home and assaulted the woman inside that home. take a good look at this police composite of the suspect. they believe he was the one who was in the house located on infantry lane. the woman inside lives there, says she doesn't know him. but this white truck on the left side of your screen may have been outside the home for a while just before the attack occurred. if you saw the truck or that man from the sketch, you're asked to call pries william county police. >> an effort in dc to come up with a plan to fight teen pregnancy. the united states has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the world and the second annual girls conference in dc aims to change that startling statistic. guest speakers linked -- including low self-esteem. the organizationers say they
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hope to inspire young girls to dream big, be confident, and love themselves unconditionally. >> it's very important to think they learn how to be focused and learn how to concentrate on the beauty from inside of them as opposed to the outside. if we know the world concentrates on the beauty from the outside. >> besides confidence, the conference focused on building sister hood, developing teamwork skills and using positive forms of expressions. there's a championship for everything these days, even drinking. we're going to take you to the cocktail world cup coming up. gwen. some celebrating for our weather. spring arrives tomorrow t. will be the first official day and we're bringing it in with sunshine. i'll have details on your week ahead. we'll have details after the break. 
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we had a nice day today with plenty of sunshine. not quite as warm as yesterday,
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but we did very well temperature wise. we were still from 11 to 12 degrees above our seasonal average. 66 at dulles and 67 degrees at baltimore. and we had the sunshine, but we did have some winds. those winds have calmed down. clear skies. it is 50 degrees right now at dulles. 45 at gaithersburg. 51 at national airport. 48 at manassas. and baltimore is 49 degrees this hour with annapolis at 50. but as i said, a ridge of high pressure and that is giving us a dry air mass and that will hold us into tomorrow before it moves its way off the coast and head its way out and then we're going to see a change in our forecast. there's a system in the midsection of the country moving its way towards us, all associated with a warm front. that warm front is going to start to bring us increasing clouds as we head into the
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later part of the day tomorrow. so, start off tomorrow with some sunshine. things are going to be nice, on the cooler side as that warm front approaches. we'll see increasing clouds and overnight, expect to see showers move in. that's going to stick around right through until monday. so your monday commute will be affected by that for sure and then we get into an unsettled weather pattern for the whole week. each day we will see a chance of rain. in the meantime, no shortage of sunshine. 48 degrees by midday. it will be fantastic and spectacular. but then, look at the spring showers. they move in for the entire week. we warm up a little bit on tuesday before we start to cool down once again. happy spring to you. >> same to you. thanks. >> it's not soccer or tennis or sailing or golf. >> the latest world cup is getting attention is the one for cocktails. scenes came in new zealand to make the rank. italy took top, but the team for the u.s. took close second.
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collins finished third. >> it wasn't about how much you can drink. it was really how creative you can get. >> i can't wait to partake in that one. >> one day in about two months. >> now i'm going to, you know, it will be longer. >> good for you. >> that does it for us. you know, once they start talking about this baby thing, we don't shut up. fox news always on >> very happy for you. >> lindsey murphy is up next with sports extra.
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